Health care profesionals rave about the U Step's unique qualities.  In fact Physiotherapists & Occupational Therapists around the world have recommended & supplied thousands of U Step walkers to people requiring walking stabilization.  Below are some of the comments received by both the health professionals and and people who use the products every day...

'Effective aid for mobility & balance for Parkinsons patients, and has often been perferred over other rolling walkers'
P LeWitt

'More stable and safer than standard walkers models.  The U Step is ideal for patients with multiple sclerosis, parkinsons, cerebral ataxia, muscular dystrophy ALS, stroke & head trauma'
P Casey

'The U Step is superb and should be introduced to all places specilizing in helpful walking equipment'
N Emanuel

'The U Step is a remarkably well made walker.  It, while lightweight, is sturdy.  One can use it and feel secure from falling.  It has many other pluses - I especially like the feeling of an upright rather than the stooped position one almost inevitably develops'
E Holman

'The U Step is more stable than any other walker I've used'
A Codella

'A quote from a security guard "You have the Cadillac of walkers"'
A Lynch

'The U Step is an excellent aid and is well designed.  We appreciate your ingenuity'
D Sholes

'Great! Anyone with walking difficulties should have one.  I use the U Step to get my husband turned around, to sit down and get in and out of bed.  Doctors and nurses have been impressed with it.  My husband demonstrated it at a Parkinson's group meeting.  We are very thankful for this walker.  My husband wouldn't be able to walk without it'
K Aumann
Advanced Walking Aids Designed Specifically for Neurological Conditions
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